Rated R

Momma was chopping dinner when her daughter, Rilee, made it home. Rilee skipped into the kitchen and Momma glanced at Rilee before going back to the lettuce. 

“Someone had a good day,” said Momma as she started chopping.

“Yeah,” Rilee chirped, “I got to watch something really awesome today. My teacher brought a rated R movie for us to watch.”

The knife narrowly missed Momma’s fingers. “What,” she managed to croak.

Rilee wrinkled her nose. “The movie was really loud. All you could hear was noise and people screaming.”

Momma tightened her grip on the knife. “And the teacher didn’t see fit to send home a note for this rated R movie,” she asked.

Rilee shrugged. “She said we didn’t need one since it was educational.”

Straightening her shoulders, Momma barked for Rilee to retrieve the phone.

Rilee’s brows rose in surprise, but did as she was told.

“Who are you calling, Momma?”

Momma stabbed the buttons until she had dial ten numbers. 

“The board of education,” she replied, “It’ll be a cold day before any child of mine watches a rated R movie in first grade.”

Rilee tilted her head and as the phone rang asked, “Why, Momma? It was only a construction movie.”

Momma looked at her child and slowly put down the phone. “Rilee, if was only a construction movie, why did you tell me it was rated R?”

Rilee blinked at her mother. “Doesn’t R stand for “rocks”?”


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