Love Like The Savanna

Sometimes love is like the Savanna. Like love, the Savanna thrives in the most unusual of places, Africa. There almost 600 hundred species of animals look to and depend on it for support, warmth, shelter. In the same regard, love is like the Savanna. Much like the Savanna, sometimes love is unwittingly ruined and hurt by those who seek to profit from its resources. However, despite how many times love or the Savanna is destroyed, there will always be someone trying to preserve and pick up the pieces.

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In the shadow of the light
Petals dim but oh so white
Strewn across the basement floor
Lie honeydew stems made in a store
Tulips in vase! Tulips in a vase!
I know you’re not real
But don’t care that’s the case
Tulips in a vase! Tulips in a vase!
So beautiful you are!
No rose could replace

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With every…

With every lie you tell to quell the pain And every fallacy you sow to ward the rain The deeper my trust in you starts to grow And the further I stumble once you go

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Rated R

Momma was chopping dinner when her daughter, Rilee, made it home. Rilee skipped into the kitchen and Momma glanced at Rilee before going back to the lettuce.  “Someone had a good day,” said Momma as she started chopping. “Yeah,” Rilee chirped, “I got to watch something really awesome today. My teacher brought a rated R […]

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